VIP JET SERVICES management team offers:

Assisting with all aircraft acquisitions, by mean of technical evaluations and resale requirements.

Assisting with any aircraft to meet the FAR 135 part conformity. Provide a liaison with FAA, which will include management of log books, and current requirements including:

-Airworthiness Directives (AD)

-Service Bulletins (SB)

-Service Letter (SL)

-Service Information Letter (SIL)

-Customer Bulletins (CB)

-Aircraft Service Changes (ASC)

-Any new modifications and upgrades that involve airframe, engine electrical, and avionics.

Upgrade Record Tracking System

Determining airworthiness of each aircraft for flight requirement.


VIP JET SERVICES avionics department has what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. As an FAA Certified Repair Station, we are equipped to perform the most complicated avionics tasks. Listed below are a few things our avionics department has to offer:


-TCAS, Radar

-FMS, GPS, Heads-up Displays

-Entertainment Systems

-Communication Systems & Navigation Systems

-Electronic Flight Bags


We Understand that most aircrafts at one point or another have little gremlins in your avionics. Let us help you get them out.


VIP JET SERVICES sales department has what you need to complete your project. We have all the parts for all aircrafts listed below:








-DC9 & DC10


-Lockheed Martin

-Bell helicopter

Private Jet Sales coming soon. Stay Tuned.